Welcome to Creative Kiefer


I'm Joe. I've been a professional artist for the last 20 years. It was in my late twenties when I started painting after a trip to the museums in DC. I had a shift of some kind after seeing so many master works.

I had to paint. So I painted. With all of life's distractions it would have been really easy to not step out in faith and give this etsy things a whirl. I have to chase my passion here. I have always wanted a place of my own, where I could sell what I love to make.

I love, love, love the creative process. Whether it's photography, painting, drawing, or something digital I am working to create something meaningful and aesthetically pleasing for you to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy what I love designing.


*All of the designs are original and created by me. They belong to me and are not to be used without written permission from me for or by anyone for any reason.

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